How To Use Focus And Leverage To Work Less And Achieve More

Not all tasks are equal.

You can spend countless hours changing button colours and end up with nothing to show for.

Or you focus on a few high leverage tasks and run circles around your competition.

In a world that glorifies hard work, it’s yet the guy using leverage and focus who wins big.

Putting in time and effort is nothing more than a basic requirement.

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How To Break Into Media Buying And Achieve $x,xxx/days Without Big Budget & Experience

Paid traffic is competition at it’s finest.

Fast, cruel, unfair and disruptive.

While the big boys are killing it, guys new to the game are fighting for the leftovers.

Most new guys get crushed within weeks after starting out.

They pick the wrong niche and find themselves fighting against guys with huge budgets, years of experience, teams and proprietary software.

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How To Get Started With Native Ads Affiliate Marketing

Native traffic presents an opportunity for the more experienced guys right now.

It’s the traffic of choice for those wanting to move up the latter without fighting the big blue Facebook monster.

Native traffic is around since a couple of years, but started to get more traction for affiliates the last 2 years.

Native is an expensive game, since you often advertise on big branded sites in Tier 1 GEOs.

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Hot GEOs For Native & Mobile Affiliate Campaigns

The game is won or lost way before the traffic of a new campaign starts running.

Selecting a good GEO can make things 10x easier.

Picking a bad GEO can set you up for an mission impossible.

The leverage of the GEO is only matched by the importance of the offer.

There are various reasons for it.

  • Proven creatives and angels can bomb in a new GEO
  • The offer might not fit the local culture
  • The price point can be too high for the local income
  • Strict carrier billing regulations can kill the conversion flow
  • Low population can kill your earning potential
  • High bids can kill your profitability

You see, the work begins way before you actually launch an campaign.

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How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing & Paid Traffic

Starting out with paid traffic can be confusing.

There are countless combinations of traffic types, sources and verticals possible.

At the end of the day, it sounds more complicated than it is.

The only thing that matters is getting started.

Right now there are not that many viable options for new guys out there anyway.

The competition is tough and its getting tougher as we speak.

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