Spot New Trends For Profitable Affiliate Campaigns

You have probably already heard the most common advice in this industry.

Stick with one thing and master it.

They tell you that on every traffic source, vertical or whatsoever guys are killing it.

This is indeed correct, but what are your chances to become one of them?

The guys killing it at the moment used the advantage of being an early adopter to build their empire.

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Advanced Bidding Strategies & Tricks For Paid Traffic

Not all traffic is equal.

Some placements convert well.

Other placements will never fligh high.

Paying the same price for a wide range of traffic quality isn’t really an smart approach.

You overpay for bad and mediocre placements.

You underpay for good and great placements.

Even if you’re willing to overpay for mediocre placements,  you will leave lots of money on the table.

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How To Turn Unprofitable Affiliate Campaigns Profitable

No matter if you run mobile, native or social.

It’s the offer that either makes or breaks your campaign.

Finding an great offer has the power to get you from -70% ROI to +100% ROI in no time.

The offer has by far the highest leverage in your funnel.

A bad offer ruins everything.

Not even the best targeting, creatives and landers can overcompensate for a bad offer.

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