Where Is The Money? How To Achieve Four Figure Profit Days With Media Buying

“Where is the money?”

Several weeks after launching my first campaign, the doubts started to creep in.

Doing $200 revenue per day somehow couldn’t get me excited.

Little did I know how fast things would escalate, once I figured out how to develop big campaigns.

Developing a big campaign begins way before you buy the first ad impression.

You have to pick the right variables to hit it big.

Otherwise you will end up playing for pennies.

Pick A Big GEO

Big money needs big traffic.

Go for GEOs with at least 40+ Mio. population.

Running campaigns in small GEOs is a receipt for tiny campaigns.

Three exceptions to the rule.

  • Massive traffic sources like FB or Google
  • Offers with a high payout of $10+
  • Wi-Fi campaigns on mobile

But then, why don’t apply those variables to big GEOs and make even more money?

The only valid reason to target small GEOs is to learn media buying in an less competitive environment.

Once you know what you’re doing, you need to focus on big GEOs.

After running a couple campaigns in big GEOs, you can even make a play for multinational campaigns.

Magic happens if you have an well converting offer that takes traffic from several GEOs.

Make it work in one GEO, scale it to all the others and laugh all the way to the bank.

Play On Big Traffic Sources

Paid traffic can have great margins.

A 200% ROI is not unheard off.

Nevertheless you need to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money.

You won’t get rich off an $100 ad spend, even with high margins.

Pick a traffic source that can generate life changing profits.

You should be able to spend at least a couple thousand $ per day.

Stay away from small traffic sources that can only spend a couple hundred $ per day.

There is no value in mastering them.

Go straight to the biggest and baddest traffic source out there.

It might take you a bit longer to master a monster, however you will get rewarded accordingly.

Run Offers With Broad Appeal

The conversion rate of paid traffic is often way below 1%.

You need to put your offer in front of many eye balls to do big damage.

Avoid niche offers with narrow appeal.

A shark protection kit for 35 year old female surfers won’t make you rich.

There are just not enough targets out there.

A skincare product for women 35+ however can easily generate x,xxx/day profits.

There is no shortage on old women wanting to look younger.

The broader the appeal, the easier it will be for you to find decent traffic.

You can always narrow it down later on.

The easiest way to differentiate yourself from the competition are new angles or pain points.

Pick A Hot Offer

The offer is the most important variable in all of your funnel.

Having a great offer can make everything else easy.

With a great offer you can run a sloppy campaign and still make great money.

With a bad or mediocre offer not even the best media buyer can make it fly high.

Test a lot of NEW offers to find the one that is on fire.

An offer that has been run for a while has two flaws.

  • Many people have already seen it. Those willing to buy have already done it. The pot you’re fishing in contains less and less fish.
  • The merchant has a lot of data to optimize the leads. It’s tough for the merchant to make money with CPA offers. The merchant will optimize the leads you deliver based on the lead quality.The older an offers is, the more data the merchant has, the more he will optimize your leads.

Better look for new offers that are not run to death yet.

I had most of my success with brand new offers.

I hit them hard as long as they are new and not optimised.

Once other affiliates starting to catch up and the merchant starts optimizing, I’m already on to the next offer.

Barriers Of Entry

Success on the Internet leaves footprints.

When you hit a big campaign, it won’t take all too long for other affiliates to catch up and copy your campaign.

Your margins will suffer from the inevitable bidding war.

If you want to last your campaign for a while, you need to create some barriers of entry.

  • Cloak an tough to cloak traffic source
  • Run an exclusive offer or create your own offer
  • Buy traffic in bulk for cheap and monetize the redundant traffic with a secondary campaign
  • Optimize the lead quality and take all the cap of an offer
  • Buy traffic direct or create your own traffic source
  • Dominate the creatives with new angles
  • Run a granular campaign setup that allows you to bid super high

Be Early

Being early on a new trend is easier than competing on something that is already saturated.

However you don’t necessarily want to be the innovator.

Innovation is tough gig, you have to do many attempts to get it right one time.

All you have to do is being one of the early adopters before the masses start catching up.

Let somebody else figure things out, then use his work as base and improve upon it.

  • Be early on a new offer
  • Be early on a new vertical
  • Be early on a new traffic source
  • Be early on a new feature of a traffic source
  • Be early on a emerging GEO
  • Be early on a repealed regulation
  • Be early on a new traffic type

If you want to learn more about developing x,xxx/day campaigns, check out the Media Buying Mastery.

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