How To Turn Unprofitable Affiliate Campaigns Profitable

No matter if you run mobile, native or social.

It’s the offer that either makes or breaks your campaign.

Finding an great offer has the power to get you from -70% ROI to +100% ROI in no time.

The offer has by far the highest leverage in your funnel.

A bad offer ruins everything.

Not even the best targeting, creatives and landers can overcompensate for a bad offer.

With an great offer however, you can make lots of mistakes along the way and still see some solid green.

I had uncountable campaigns that lost me money no matter the optimization I did.

Eventually finding a well performing offer turned them into money making machines.

Different Approaches For Different Results

If you spend any time talking to new guys in this industry, you will encounter an recurring theme.

People start a campaign and commit to it. They cut & improve for weeks or months at end.

But you only can cut and improve so much.

The more you cut, the less traffic is left over to make money for you.

Heavy cutting is a sure way to end up with small campaigns.

It’s not an smart approach.

There are several approaches in this game to make big money.

  • Select a couple of big GEOs and traffic sources, then go hunting for offers. It’s a good strategy (i) if you have insight into the current status of your GEOs (ii) if you know which traffic sources work well with your GEOs. This strategy works very well with developing GEOs that are starting to pick up traction and are not overly competitive yet.
  • You reverse engineer somebody elses success. It’s a good strategy (i) if you’re not a friend of mass testing (ii) if you’re good in analyzing data and doing research. I wrote an full post about reverse engineering with Adplexity.
  • You start backwards with the offer and build your funnel around it (highly recommended). You find an exceptional good offer and then build your campaign around it (landing page & traffic source). It’s a great approach if you have access to several affiliate networks and good relationships with your account managers.

How To Spot A Good Offer

There are several ways to spot a good offer.

The best source is your account manager. He has all the data, he sees the trends and he knows about the life cycle of an offer.

Your account managers however have limited time at hand. They have goals and need to bring in revenue to keep their jobs.

You need to put yourself on their radar to get good information.

Revenue is the name of the game.

Focus on 2-3 networks and send lots of revenue.

If you send decent revenue, you will get attention.

Ask for offers that are either doing damage or new offers with potential.

Over time your account manager will get a feel for what offers work for you.

The network newsletter can be a valuable source as well.

Problem: Once an offer is on the newsletter, the advertiser probably is already optimizing it.

You need to catch offers early before the advertiser performs heavy optimization.

Cause he ain’t optimizing for you….

Ad-intelligence can give you a good idea as well. Your competition has done one of the above approaches to develop a good campaign.

You can just grab their work and use it for yourself.

You can read more about it in my post about reverse engineering.