How To Break Into Media Buying And Achieve $x,xxx/days Without Big Budget & Experience

Paid traffic is competition at it’s finest.

Fast, cruel, unfair and disruptive.

While the big boys are killing it, guys new to the game are fighting for the leftovers.

Most new guys get crushed within weeks after starting out.

They pick the wrong niche and find themselves fighting against guys with huge budgets, years of experience, teams and proprietary software.

Sooner than later they burn through their budget and give up.

You need to show some gamesmanship to avoid ending up in the same situation.

Follow the right strategy and operate smarter then the guy next to you.

Start With Reverse Engineering

Campaigns killing it today are the result of yesterdays effort.

Years of testing and big budgets lead to what you see running today.

What better way to get started than studying what works today?

Go straight to the most competitive GEOs & verticals and identify the big guys.

Create yourself a database with the tracking URLs of the big guys sorted by vertical & traffic source.

Analyse & reverse engineer what they are doing.

  • What creatives and angles are they running?
  • What scripts are they using?
  • Do they run white or blackhat?
  • What traffic source & affiliate networks are they on?
  • What sites, audiences and demographics are they targeting?
  • Do they apply day parting?
  • Does the ad positions / scale differentiate during the day?

Spend at least 30-50% of your time performing ad intelligence & reverse engineering.

It’s the easiest and cheapest way to learn.

Ad intelligence tools are a great way to get started.

However the real magic happens while performing live intelligence.

Identify the best domains of your traffic source and analyse the ads in realtime.

You will get valuable information about ad positions and the scale of a campaign.

A campaign in top position is exciting and probably killing it.

Some digital crap in position 12 is not even worth looking at.

Always use the campaign duration from ad intelligence tools as supplementary information.

You don’t want to analyse brand new campaigns that are not profitable yet.

Look for campaigns that have an positive ad trend and are running already for a couple of days.

Replicate Success In An Unsaturated Niche

Here’s the part where most guys fail.

They try to copy the campaign 100% and end up in an bidding war and pissing contest.

You have to operate smarter than that.

Go ahead and pick the most exciting campaign.

Search for an unsaturated niche or opening on the market to replicate the campaign.

Take the already proven concept and replicate it with one or two alternated variables.

Go for the high leverage variables first.

GEO > Traffic Source > Angle / Demographics > Creatives > Placements / Bidding > Landing Page.

Find an opening on the market and make it yours.

  • Bring the campaign from one GEO to another
  • Find a new traffic source for the campaign
  • Run an angle or theme that is hitting on a new demographic
  • Address new pain points, wants or needs
  • Bring creatives from one GEO to another
  • Find an exclusive offer
  • Find unsaturated placements that just recently have been added to the network
  • Bring a landing page from one GEO to another

The higher the leverage of the variables you’re switching up, the higher your odds to hit it big.

On pops I was able to achieve $x,xxx/day profits within 4 months after starting out by bringing landing pages from Tier 1 to Tier 2 & 3 and buying traffic on less known traffic sources.

With that experience it took me only 2 months on Native to achieve $x,xxx/day profits by hitting on unsaturated demographics, pain points and GEOs.

There is lots of competition on the beaten path.

There is little competition for smart work.

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