Secrets Of Native Ads: Dominate The Creatives

Native Ads are hot right now!

I see guys breaking even and finding their first winning campaign within 2-3 weeks of starting out.

Whenever I start a new campaign on Native my focus is on finding an exceptional good offer.

Without an good offer your campaign won’t get any traction.

Once this part of the puzzle is solved, my focus shifts towards the creatives.

To win big on Native you need to become an expert in spotting, testing and improving creatives.

The creatives decide which audience goes through your funnel.

If your creatives attract the wrong audience, your campaign won’t fly high.

Imagine 100 people standing in front of a shop.

10 people within the crowd are potential buyers.

90 people are tire-kickers and time waster.

Your creatives need to attract potential buyers, while keeping most of the tire-kickers out.

Gaming The Algorithm

The traffic source allocates traffic based on the combination of click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC).

The highest combination gets the most traffic.

To receive traffic your creatives need to have a competitive combination of CTR & CPC.

This becomes delicate when considering that many good placements only allow 1-2 creatives per vertical.

With one or two spots available for your creatives, you need to have a high CTR & CPC combination to decent traffic.

However going extreme with either the CPC or the CTR is not a good approach.

Clickbait creatives will provide lots of clicks, but you will have a hard time becoming profitable.

Highly targeted creatives will provide a great conversion rate, but you will hardly get any traffic.

You need to find a good mix of CTR and CPC.

Tell An Interesting Story

A great way to find the sweetspot between CTR and CPC is telling an interesting story.

Your story needs to target the right audience, catch attention and evoke desire.

Let’s say you want to run a skincare product.

Skincare products work best with woman 35+.

The story of your picture and your headline should speak to this demographics.

Women within this demographic should get drawn in, feel a burning desire to learn more about your offer and eventually want to pull the trigger.

Emotions are the name of the game when coming up with creatives.

The more emotions your creatives evoke, the better your results will be.

A story about a grandma shocking doctors by losing 20y of wrinkles over night is interesting and compelling.

A story that is listing facts, ingredients and prices is way too logical and boring.

Copy To Get Started

The creatives that you see floating around on Native have been tested for years.

It would be foolish not to copy them to get started.

Copy 10 creatives with different pictures and angles.

You want to test a wide range of stories, not only slight variations.

Only copy creatives from big guys who know what they are doing.

Adplexity Native is the best tool to get started.

The creatives that work well with your funnel will reveal themselve very fast.

When you test a new creative it runs versus many placements to establish the CTR.

This means you get lots of traffic from good placements.

If a creative does not convert on the initial run, it’s just not good enough.

Improve The Winners

Once you found your initial winners, you need to improve the CTR to get more traffic and unlock new placements.

Each creative has a unique CTR for each placement.

If your CTR & CPC combination is not good enough for a placement, you won’t get any traffic from it.

By improving the CTR of your creatives you will unlock new placements and get more traffic.

Instead of running a one size fits all approach, you optimize based on publisher base.

You develop creatives that fit the demographics of the website.

This sounds more complicated than it is.

You simply create new creatives and let them find their way to the right placement.

You can create slight variations of your winners but test some bold changes as well.

  • One word variations of the headline
  • Slight variations of the picture
  • New pictures with the original headline
  • New headline with the original picture

Ad fatigue

A couple of months ago I did come up with a new angle for skin care products.

The creative had an insane CTR and great conversion rate.

The creative killed it for months before things started to slow down.

A superstar creative can run for weeks or even months.

However finding a superstar creative doesn’t happen every other day.

If you have mediocre creatives, they will drop in performance quickly.

The CTR drops a bit every day and soon your creative is not competitive enough anymore.

This will happen way sooner with a 0.1% CTR creative than a 0.3% CTR creative.

To keep things fresh and the CTR high, you need to work the picture from time to time.

  1. Flip the image horizontally
  2. Change the saturation, contrast and lighting
  3. Use different cuts of the picture
  4. Use circles and arrows to highlight parts of the picture
  5. Search the web for new pictures that fit your angle

If you want to learn more about creating killer creatives and dominate Native traffic, check out the media buying mastery or grab the best Native guides and strategies from ElitePromoter.