How To Break Into Media Buying And Achieve $x,xxx/days Without Big Budget & Experience

Paid traffic is competition at it’s finest.

Fast, cruel, unfair and disruptive.

While the big boys are killing it, guys new to the game are fighting for the leftovers.

Most new guys get crushed within weeks after starting out.

They pick the wrong niche and find themselves fighting against guys with huge budgets, years of experience, teams and proprietary software.

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How To Get Started With Native Ads Affiliate Marketing

Native traffic presents an opportunity for the more experienced guys right now.

It’s the traffic of choice for those wanting to move up the latter without fighting the big blue Facebook monster.

Native traffic is around since a couple of years, but started to get more traction for affiliates the last 2 years.

Native is an expensive game, since you often advertise on big branded sites in Tier 1 GEOs.

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How To Get Started With Mobile Pop Affiliate Marketing

Running campaigns on mobile pop traffic is a good way to get started with media buying and affiliate marketing.

Pop traffic has a steep learning curve, however compared to Native or Facebook its a walk in the park.

You don’t need to bother with account farming, creatives, complex targeting or cloaking (at the beginning).

You can research and setup a new campaign within minutes.

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Hot GEOs For Native & Mobile Affiliate Campaigns

The game is won or lost way before the traffic of a new campaign starts running.

Selecting a good GEO can make things 10x easier.

Picking a bad GEO can set you up for an mission impossible.

The leverage of the GEO is only matched by the importance of the offer.

There are various reasons for it.

  • Proven creatives and angels can bomb in a new GEO
  • The offer might not fit the local culture
  • The price point can be too high for the local income
  • Strict carrier billing regulations can kill the conversion flow
  • Low population can kill your earning potential
  • High bids can kill your profitability

You see, the work begins way before you actually launch an campaign.

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How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing & Paid Traffic

Starting out with paid traffic can be confusing.

There are countless combinations of traffic types, sources and verticals possible.

At the end of the day, it sounds more complicated than it is.

The only thing that matters is getting started.

Right now there are not that many viable options for new guys out there anyway.

The competition is tough and its getting tougher as we speak.

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Spot New Trends For Profitable Affiliate Campaigns

You have probably already heard the most common advice in this industry.

Stick with one thing and master it.

They tell you that on every traffic source, vertical or whatsoever guys are killing it.

This is indeed correct, but what are your chances to become one of them?

The guys killing it at the moment used the advantage of being an early adopter to build their empire.

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Advanced Bidding Strategies & Tricks For Paid Traffic

Not all traffic is equal.

Some placements convert well.

Other placements will never fligh high.

Paying the same price for a wide range of traffic quality isn’t really an smart approach.

You overpay for bad and mediocre placements.

You underpay for good and great placements.

Even if you’re willing to overpay for mediocre placements,  you will leave lots of money on the table.

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How To Turn Unprofitable Affiliate Campaigns Profitable

No matter if you run mobile, native or social.

It’s the offer that either makes or breaks your campaign.

Finding an great offer has the power to get you from -70% ROI to +100% ROI in no time.

The offer has by far the highest leverage in your funnel.

A bad offer ruins everything.

Not even the best targeting, creatives and landers can overcompensate for a bad offer.

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