Hot GEOs For Native & Mobile Affiliate Campaigns

The game is won or lost way before the traffic of a new campaign starts running.

Selecting a good GEO can make things 10x easier.

Picking a bad GEO can set you up for an mission impossible.

The leverage of the GEO is only matched by the importance of the offer.

There are various reasons for it.

  • Proven creatives and angels can bomb in a new GEO
  • The offer might not fit the local culture
  • The price point can be too high for the local income
  • Strict carrier billing regulations can kill the conversion flow
  • Low population can kill your earning potential
  • High bids can kill your profitability

You see, the work begins way before you actually launch an campaign.

You need to find an unsaturated GEO that fits your vertical, offer, price point and billing method.

GEOs can change quickly

The profitability of an GEO can change quickly.

A GEO can go from hot to cold in a matter of months.

The biggest factor is competition driving the bid up.

Success always leaves footprints on the Internet.

A profitable campaign will evoke attention and attract copy cats.

A couple more buyers can already change the market environment on a traffic source.

Rising bids can kill profitable campaigns in no time.

However, a GEO can go from cold to hot quickly as well.

Only a couple of affiliates need to drop the GEO for opportunities to arise.

A new offer or change in regulations can rejuvenate a GEO.

You need to stay on top of those changes.

Gathering and processing informations will make the difference between winning an losing.

 How to select a GEO

You will get the best infos from traffic source reps, account managers and other affiliates.

I wrote about this in the how to get started post.

Some basic criteria for selecting a good GEO:

  • Avoid small GEOs <40 Mio. population. Exceptions are high payouts or big traffic sources like Google and Facebook
  • Run GEOs that have a big inventory on your traffic source
  • Look for unsaturated and emerging GEOs
  • Target GEOs with an abundance on offers. Look for GEOs with an average income above 1-1.5k
  • Run low payouts only in huge GEOs
  • Look into Tier 2 & 3

You can select a GEO and then find a strong traffic sources for it.

Each traffic source has some strong and some weak GEOs.

The better strategy is too search for unsaturated GEO / inventory on your traffic sources.

There are always some GEOs on a traffic source that are currently not too crowded.

Its easier to make campaigns work in an less competitive environment.

When tapping into unsaturated GEOs, don’t be too fixated on your vertical.

Research which verticals are working well in the GEO and then give them a run.

If you cannot get any traction in a GEO for a couple of days move on.

Instead of trying to make a GEO work, test several and double down on the GEO that has the most traction.

Some insights for mobile & native

Mobile: The party currently moves further and further to low income and emerging GEOs. Asia is hot since a while now, Latin America as well. The newest addition of GEOs where you can make money is Africa and the middle East. CPMs are still low, smartphone penetration is increasing, and more and more carrier billing offers are popping up.

Native: The party is still going strong in Tier 1 english speaking GEOs. Outside of those you will hardly get any traffic on the affiliate friendly networks. After cutting, you will have a tough time spending $100 even in big countries like France or Germany. Only exception is India where you can spend good money as well.