How I Grew Revenue By Over 333% Using Systems And Outsourcing

Most media buyers run their business as a one man shop.

Whatever needs to be done is on their plate.

Their potential is limited to the time and effort they are willing to put in.

They are at a competitive disadvantage to guys operating with teams, systems and proprietary software.

Of course there are still highly successful solo media buyers out there.

They live off their competitive edge build during better and easier times.

Namely their funds, experience and industry relationships.

Nothing that could easily be replicated in todays market environment.

Starting out today, you need to utilise the power of systems.

The Power Of Systems

When I transitioned from Mobile Pop traffic to Native Ads I did everything myself to learn the ropes.

Once I had the basics down, I started to adjust and use the systems that I was already using for Pops.

The daily operative input for my Native campaigns increased from 5 hours/day up to 40 hours/day.

Within 2 weeks I was able to scale my campaigns to three new GEOs.

As a result the revenue of my campaigns more than doubled from 1.5k/day to 5k/day.

Creating and using systems can be a huge leverage for your business. It will allow you to:

  • Scale your campaigns to new levels
  • Run a high frequency operation
  • Run circles around solo media buyers
  • Perform tasks the same way each time
  • Avoid errors and mistakes
  • Catch changes and trends quickly

However the most important benefit is personal freedom.

Before using systems I had to work on my campaigns every single day.

10-12 hours per day was not unusual.

A never ending circle of repetitive work.

Blacklisting placements, keeping the bids competitive, uploading new ads, talking to account managers, looking for new campaign ideas.

Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night to check and manage my campaigns.

I even bought an cellular iPad to check my campaigns while being on the beach.


Stepping away from the computer for a day or two could cripple my operation.

Once I had implemented the systems everything changed.

I went on a business trip for a couple of days.

During my absence, my campaign did not decline.

Rather the opposite.

My VAs where operating within the systems I had created, optimising and scaling the campaigns.

What Is A System?

Remember the last time you went to McDonalds.

No matter the City, Country or continent you’re in.

The damn burger tastes the same.

It’s the result of McDonalds systems and standard procedures.

Each task has been optimised and standardised over decades.

McDonalds systems are as good as it gets.

They could recruit bums of the street and let them operate their systems with little training.

This is exactly what you want to achieve for your business.

For every task in your business you need a set of principles or procedures.

You need to know exactly what to do, when to do it and how often.

Instead of freestyling it, being driven by emotions and making errors you create a machine.

You figure out what input the machine needs and then execute on it.

You build a machine that generates stable and predictable results.

Everyday the necessary tasks get executed no matter what.

However they don’t need to be executed by you!

Once you have created the machine, other people can operate it for you.

Become A System Engineer

Build and improve your machine one step at a time.

Go from important to unimportant.

Important means a direct impact on your revenue or personal time.

Start with systems for ad-intelligence, reverse engineering, campaign setup, campaign optimisation and scaling.

Pick one system and analyse the tasks that need to be accomplished.

Create checklists, workflows and working manuals for those tasks.

When the results of a system are not as desired, put your engineer cap on and analyse what is wrong.

Zoom into broken parts of the machine and fix them.

You don’t have enough revenue?

Fix and improve your testing & scaling system.

Campaigns die to quickly?

Fix and improve your campaign maintenance and life cycle extension system.

Your VAs need to much attention and guidance?

Fix and improve your working manuals and hire a manager for the VAs.

Think like an system engineer.

Logical, rational and without emotions.

Your business will never be the same.

If you want to learn more about creating systems and take your business to the next level, check out the Media Buying Mastery.