How To Use Focus And Leverage To Work Less And Achieve More

Not all tasks are equal.

You can spend countless hours changing button colours and end up with nothing to show for.

Or you focus on a few high leverage tasks and run circles around your competition.

In a world that glorifies hard work, it’s yet the guy using leverage and focus who wins big.

Putting in time and effort is nothing more than a basic requirement.

Leverage and focus are the true dividing forces between winners and losers.

Winning media buyers know about leverage and how to use it.

They focus on what matters and neglect everything else.

Focus On One Thing

A while ago I read a fantastic book with the title “The One Thing”.

The idea of the book is to focus on what really matters.

Figure out the one thing that can make everything else easier or unnecessary.

Then give it all you have while ignoring everything else.

The one thing is fluent, it depends on your current level and goals.

  • A new media buyer should invest most of his time and energy reverse engineering and testing new campaigns to get some revenue rolling
  • A more experienced media buyer might want to work less and spend his time and energy on systems and outsourcing
  • A seasoned media buyer might want to become more independent and spend his time and energy on coming up with his own products and services

Pick the most important task and then work on it.

The task will change over time, but the concept will stay the same.

If you haven’t found your one thing yet, focus every morning on one tasks that has the potential to double or triple your revenue.

It will narrow down the things to do by a lot.

Tip 1: Changing button colours and blacklisting two additional placements won’t fit the bill.

Tip 2: Finding unsaturated traffic, reverse engineering & innovating, running exclusive offers and building industry relationships would be a good start.

Then give it your best time and energy every day.

Start Your Day With The One Thing

Willpower, concentration and energy decline during the day.

The morning hours are when most people are at their best.

Full of energy and clear in mind.

Get up early and work 4-6 hours on your one thing before you do anything else.

Don’t give in to any distractions while you’re working on the one thing.

Once you see your Skype messages and campaign stats your mind is distracted from your one thing.

Shut down your Skype, log out from all forums and close the damn Youtube.

Even better, close everything down the evening before.

Focus on your one thing every morning and get the work done as fast as possible.

Whatever happens after it doesn’t matter.

You worked on the important, your day is already a success.

Be intense, Go To The Extremes

Dorian Yates is one of the most successful bodybuilders alive.

He dominated the sport in the 90s for almost a decade.

Yet he worked out only 4 times a week!

The intensity of his workouts however was insane.

No chit chat in the gym, no half-ass workouts, no missed sessions.

He did what was necessary to win, he got the work done, then he was out.

Several guys tried to work out with Dorian, most of them ended up lying on the ground and puking.

They were not prepared for the intensity.

30 minutes with Dorian destroyed them.

Winning has nothing to do with hours worked.

It’s about the tasks you get done while working.

4 hours of intense focus is worth more than 12 hours of multi-tasking and busy work.

You should feel empty and exhausted after 4-6 hours working with intense focus on your one thing.

If not, you’re not working intense enough.